• Q. How do I get a job with the Group?

    A. You can upload and register your C.V in our database by clicking on the link or sending it to the email specified below: ghr@uae.hsagroup.com

  • Q. How can I contact the Group?

    A. You can call us on 00971 44277292 or by sending an email at info@uae.hsagroup.com. Group companies can be contacted by clicking the link below

  • Q. When and where the Group was established?

    A. It was founded in 1938 in Aden by the brothers of the family of Saeed Anam (the late / Mohamed Saeed Anam and the late / Abdo Saeed Anam and the late / Hayel Saeed Anam and the late / Jazem Saeed Anam)

  • Q. Where are your headquarters located in?

    A. The headquarters of the Group is based in Dubai- United Arab Emirates.

  • Q. What are the core business sectors?

    A. The Group's activities are concentrated in three main sectors: 1. Industrial sector 2. Commercial sector 3. Service sector .

  • Q. What are the main products & Brands of the Group?

    A. The products & Brands of the group can be found by clicking the link below

  • Q. Which countries do you operate in?

    A. Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UK, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, Kenya and Nigeria and others.

  • Q. How big is the HSA Group?

    A. The Group operates through its various business activities around the world as a multinational company. With total 35,000 direct & indirect employees and serves in the Middle and Near East, Africa, Asia and Europe.

  • Q. Do you have a social and environmental management policy?

    A. Yes, the HSA Group is heavily involved in programmes to safeguard the environment, our people and the communities they live in.

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