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Al-Saeed Foundation for Sciences & Culture


Al-Saeed Foundation of Sciences and Culture was constituted in the memory of the late Al Hajj Hayel Saeed Anam the founder of the HSA Group of companies.  He was a man of profound generosity and his humanitarian dedication for the well being of his nation and society deserved substantial tribute. Thus, the Alsaeed Foundation of Sciences and Culture was born in 1996 with the following objectives:

  • To encourage scientific research for the betterment of the knowledge treasure in the country.
  • To raise whole new breed of scientists in the fields of natural and appliedsciences and developmental technology.
  • To establish a scientific research center.
  • To increase productivity in the areas like agriculture through scientific research and experimental knowledge.
  • To incite competition among the research personnel by presenting awards.

 Implementations of the objectives:

  • ·Organizing seminars, lectures and scientific conferences.
  • Collaborating with other research organizations in Yemen and abroad.
  • Propagandize scientific and cultures innovations / inventions and appreciation of scientists writers, etc. so on to promote scientific and cultural research.

Currently, awards at take in:

  • Medical science
  •  Islamic science
  • Environmental and Agricultural studies.
  • Social and Humanitarian activities
  • Cultural innovation
  • Economical sciences

These awards are distributed on 23rd of April every year, the death anniversary of the late AL-hajj Hayel Saeed Anam.

The foundation comprises of the following sections:

  • General library Section.
  •  Forum and conferences hall.
  • Manuscript section
  •  Researchers services section
  • Child culture section
  • Computer and Internet section

In addition to other sections all of which directed towards the achievements of the foundation's objective, give and spread of knowledge and culture in which one of them is Al-Saeed Fund for supporting the scientific researches, which has been inaugurated in 2002.

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