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Yemen Company for Ghee & Soap Industry


YCGSI is the pioneer in production of Vegetable Ghee, Cooking Oils, and Margarine, Detergent Powder and Soaps in Yemen. The company started production of cooking oils and ghee in 1975. In regard to detergents powder and Toilet Soap Factory, the plant of toilet soaps production was established in 1982, and soon afterwards another plant for producing detergent powder was established in 1984.

During the past decades, YCGSI has continuously upgraded, evolved and expanded its operations using the best technology. This has enabled the company to professionally accommodate shifting market requirements. The expansion and improvement were simultaneously accompanied by the improvement of the administrative and technical systems of the company. Since then, the company has always been concentrating on continuous training for its staff as a means to cope with the different industrial advances.

The company has also adopted strict policies in respect of product quality, and a lot of attention has been paid to establish quality assurance system. One-step to this end was obtaining the international quality certification "ISO 9001" which took the company to a new level of quality.
YCGSI was the first company to get this certification in Yemen. Event so, YCGSI continues in its efforts to develop its facilities and employees to reach its goal of complete customer's satisfaction.

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