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National Dairy and Food Company


NADFOOD established in 1983, it has specialized in producing canned foods, juices and dairy products. NADFOOD gained distinction for its pursuit of “Quality” in management, production procedures and processes, and products.

NADFOOD'S vision is to be the leader in dairy and canned food production in Yemen. This vision is now the reality.
NADFOOD pays special attention to the efficiency and capability of its production machines. State of the art technology is employed, and strict international standards in food processing and packaging are adopted.

  • Concentrated-Milk Factory: Concentrated Milk for Tea and Desserts.
  • Dairy and Juices Factory: Long-life milk in a variety of sizes and flavors, and juices in an assortment of choices.
  • Food Factory: Canned broad-beans, green beans, peas and more.
  • Yogurt Factory: Yogurt, buttermilk, and Juicy.
  • Powdered-Milk Factory: Canned and Pouched Powdered milk.
  • Tin Cans Factory: Supplies all factories with the required amounts of tin cans.

NADFOOD'S tireless quest for quality in all levels of production earned its products the consumers’ trust not only in Yemen, but it also became one of the major exporters of quality Dairy and Food products to several Arab, Asian, and African countries

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