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Mass Advertising Co.


It is specialized advertising company, which was established in 1983 with a view of providing miscellaneous kinds of advertising services to the national companies and corporations through the following services:

  • Television Production Center, which comprises of: Advertising films, documentary films, and commercial films.

  • Designing and Artistic Works, which comprise of: Advertising Ideas, designing of advertising campaigns, prints and pamphlets, logos and monograms products images photographs.

  • Central workshop for hoardings which comprise of: plotters sign cutting, flex lamination, neon sings, screen printing, computer based graphics hoarding, inkjet printing. Mobez sings

  • Advertising Campaigns: TV commercial films, press advertising, advertising campaigns and programs, and advertising studies and researches.

Public Relations, which organize the following:  Local and international exhibitions,  trade fairs, activities, seminars, training programs, promotional programs, and advertising gift items.

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