HSA Brands

The HSA Group invested heavily in manufacturing facilities during the 1970s and 80s, so it was logical to start developing our own brands for our consumers. These brands then evolved as our manufacturing base expanded from Yemen into Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia and the United Kingdom.

As a result of this expansion, many of our brands have now become household names in their respective local markets. With all the Group’s products, our focus now is to ensure their smooth transition from local to regional to global brands, sold at different price points.

Our goal is that more consumers use our brands - and these consumers use our brands more often. In this context, innovation plays a role in upgrading consumers onto higher value products. Creative advertising, efficient distribution and complete focus help to keep our brands ‘top of mind’.

As the HSA Group markets and distributes mainly our own products, utmost care is taken to ensure their high quality - guaranteed at the point of purchase. We also monitor all food products to ensure their freshness.

We are active in many fast moving consumer goods categories individually or with partnership with others, including :

  • Wheat flour
  • Vegetable & edible oils, ghee and derivatives
  • Biscuits & confectionery
  • Dairy products
  • Canned foods & pasta
  • Potato crisps & snacks
  • Sugar products
  • Drinks & fruit juices
  • Mineral water
  • Soaps and personal care products

HSA Brands In the Global market

As our manufacturing base grew in the 1970’s and 80’s, so our brand reach also expanded from our native Yemen – opening up global manufacturing centres in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Many of the HSA brands developed and introduced to these new global markets, have gone on to become household names, renowned for their universal quality and appeal to consumers. Our strategy going forward is to expand these offerings to encompass more price points and even more worldwide markets, spreading the HSA Group’s commitment to creating high standard products across the globe.

We now export our brands to over 87 counties around the world, and our continuing strategy is to grow local production capacity to always meet growing demand.


 1- Our Products for an example but not limited to:






 2- In partnership with others for an example but not limited to :




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Each of our brands has its own heritage and personality, but they all have one mission to acheive.