Chairman’s Message


Since the first seeds of the group, the founders of Al-Saeed Family have played a big role in establishing strong economic and practical bases that have been the core nucleus of the Group's progress and prosperity. These foundations are embraced by human values and ethics that go hand in hand with their continuous development. 

We have always sought to strengthen the Group with business and learning values as well as research and development within a comprehensive strategic vision since the establishment of the Group, which reflected the business environment at the first place on the continuous ability to change and the flexibility to meet the various transformations of competitiveness, investments and technology etc. 

We believe that the growth and prosperity of our business is through the creation of business incubators with strategic partnerships within different environments. The added values of such investment incubators will be harvested by hosting communities as quality of products, social responsibility and others. Accordingly, this will draw a bright painting through our global social integration and human values.

At our Group, we appreciate that the needs of customers, markets and society are constantly changing. Our priority is identifying and synchronizing those needs to deliver products and services that meet the expectations of all stakeholders.

To continue growing, we seek to promote sustainable development and positive interaction with society and environment. This was the approach of our founders and the Group's ingrained ethos to expand our business worldwide.

Investing in our Group brings significant benefits, offering investors stability of ownership and access to global resources. In association with our major international partners, we provide access to thriving worldwide markets, delivering sound financial backing, expert technical support and commercial strength.

We at HSA Group highly value all those who supported us to build this economic edifice and success, we always affirm our commitment to excellence and to pioneer in our business journey. After all, we believe that this is the best way to create our long-term business vision.



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