Strategic Direction

Our Purpose

We are a diversified group that aspires to become a prominent global player, by providing quality products and services that meet our consumers’ expectations.

Inspired by our family heritage, we are committed to always maximize the returns to all our stakeholders, contributing in a beneficial way to society, demonstrate our concern for safety standards and the environment, and leave a long term sustainable legacy.

Our Values

- We Hire, Grow and Retain the Best Talent
    Our people are our greatest strength because they add substantial Every relationship we enter, every                opportunity we encounter, is approached with confidence and passion based on our knowledge, skills and      the power of our beliefs.

- We Do What We Say
    We keep our promises; we only promise what we know we can deliver well.

- We Do It with Integrity, Honesty, Trust and Respect
    Our reputation is based on decades of honesty and integrity

- We Work as One Team
    We work together and collaborate to meet our consumers’ and customers’ needs

- We Have a Passion for Success 
    Every relationship we enter, every opportunity we encounter, is approached with confidence and passion        based on our knowledge, skills and the power of our beliefs

Our Business Principles

To remain competitive, grow globally, sustain our business growth, we must continuously improve and innovate; demonstrate our care for our people’s welfare; always delight our consumers & customers; and promote our communities.

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