Football is the most popular participatory and spectator sport across Yemen, and other outdoor sports are also widely adopted and followed up and down the country. In keeping with our corporate ethos of social and cultural responsibility, the HSA Group is well placed to offer sponsorship deals to various Yemeni football and sport clubs.
In this capacity we play a vital role in supporting sporting activities across the country, whether through direct funding of sports clubs or the supply of sporting materials.
Our sponsorships include the following activities:

  • Direct sponsorship for a large number of Yemeni sports clubs, including Al-Yarmouk, Al-Saqr, Sha’ab Sana’a, Attelal, Sha’ab Hadhramout and the Al-Rasheed Club
  • Provision of financial support for other clubs, including Whadat Sana’a, Sha’ab Ibb, 22 May, Hassan, Talaet Taiz, Ta’awun Bada’an, Shabab Al-Baida, Ahli Taiz and Asseha Taiz
  • Sponsoring of companies and brands that run periodical and seasonal championships
  • Support and encouragement to the National Football Team
  • Establishment of the Club of Industry - a special sports club affiliated to the HSA Group of Companies

As part of our founders’ wish to enrich society through our business activities, our sports sponsorship initiatives represent our on-going corporate commitment to make a difference in the communities we serve right across Yemen.

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