Our Environment

At the HSA Group, we take the environmental concerns of our founders seriously, and have built such principles into our modern corporate infrastructure. We have the utmost respect for the communities we serve – not just extending this concern to our people and their families – but also to the environment we live and work within.
The Group are always careful to plan new factories and manufacturing facilities in line with all local planning and environmental legislation, and we also ensure our transportation and distribution networks abide by all international standards for protecting the environment.

Adhering To Environmental Management Standards

In this context, we endeavour to fulfil our responsibility to future generations by promoting effective environmental management within all our businesses. Across our entire operation, our commitment to environmental sustainability is highlighted by:

  • Full compliance with international laws and regulations
  • International health, safety and environmental standards certifications
  • Deployment of environmental technologies in all business processes
  • Continuous improvement of our environmental performance

Adhering to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, our managers, team members and partners work hard to ensure our business facilities do not impact negatively on the environment we operate in – leaving a legacy of social and environmental responsibility our founders would have been proud of.

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