Cultural and Scientific

Cultural & Scientific Activities

The HSA Group has always given priority to cultural and scientific activities, valuing the potential of both in advancing knowledge and enriching society.

The Al-Saeed Foundation of Science and Culture

The embodiment of this philosophy was the establishment of the Taiz-based Al-Saeed Foundation of Science and Culture, which promotes research and creativity in these fields amongst attendant students, intellectuals and wider society.
The Foundation encompasses the following highly respected departments:

  • The General Library - comprising thousands of the best-selling titles in different scientific fields, fully equipped with research areas and reading halls
  • The Manuscripts Section - housing rare and valuable manuscripts
  • The Audio-visual Section – for multi-media titles and sources
  • The Computer and Internet Section – enabling modern online learning
  • The Child Culture Section - including a library fully equipped with audio-visual equipment centred on children’s culture - along with a number of scientific encyclopaedia for children
  • The Al-Saeed Forum - one of the most significant cultural forums in Yemen.

The Hayel Saeed Anam Award

Since its inception in 1997, The Hayel Saeed Anam Award has grown to become one of the Arab world’s most prominent scientific and cultural prizes. The award encourages scientists to conduct research in a number of human and scientific fields, and has a pivotal role in enriching not only the scientific community – but also society as a whole.
The award recognises work in the following fields:

  • Medical Sciences
  • Humanitarian Sciences
  • Islamic Sciences
  • Cultural Innovation
  • Agriculture & The Environment
  • Economic Sciences

The Importance of Culture & Science In A Civil Society

The HSA Group also provides support to a large number of conferences, symposiums and seminars that are held in collaboration with other universities and institutions. In this capacity, a large number of working papers have been presented in events across the country.
Our focus is also on the continued building of schools, colleges and universities in Yemen, with a view to encouraging learning and eradicating illiteracy

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