• Q. How can I contact the HSA Group?

    A. You can call us on 00971 44277292 or email info@uae.hsagroup.com.

  • Q. How do I get a job with the HSA Group?

    A. You can search our current vacancies here or register your CV in our database to be eligible for future positions.

  • Q. What are your main Group goals?

    A. We are always focused on the needs of our customers, markets and wider society - and our priority is identifying and meeting their changing needs to provide products and services that meet their expectations. In this context, we aim to continue our global growth.

  • Q. Do you have a social and environmental management policy?

    A. Yes, the HSA Group is heavily involved in programmes to safeguard the environment, our people and the communities they live in. We carry out many of our social initiatives in Yemen through the Al Saeed Foundation for Science & Culture.

  • Q. Which countries do you operate in?

    A. Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UK, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE and several African countries – to name just a few.

  • Q. What are your main business operations?

    A. Our business focuses on four main sectors: 1. Manufacturing, trade & distribution and services in Yemen 2. Global manufacturing and trading 3. Core business sectors of FMCG, commodities and printing & packaging 4. Strategic international partnerships

  • Q. How is the Group managed?

    A. We have a Supreme Supervisory Board and Board of Directors that oversee the HSA Group’s performance, managing strategic activities and meeting our objectives. The Group is structured into five geographical regions, each headed by a Member of The Board of Directors who is responsible for performance and growth.

  • Q. Where are your headquarters?

    A. The HSA Group of companies is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We manage multiple businesses in our home country across a variety of sectors, and operate no fewer than 16 manufacturing plants in Yemen alone.

  • Q. How big is the HSA Group?

    A. We are a multi-national group of companies with a reach spanning five global regions. We operate 87 companies, directly and indirectly employ 35,000 people, and serve markets in more than 40 countries across the Middle and Near East, Africa, Asia and Europe. The Group has an international investment portfolio, and our global exports of FMCG products alone reach more than 80 countries

  • Q. When and where was the HSA Group established?

    A. We were founded by the Hayel Saeed Anam Brothers in 1938, in a rural Yemeni village called Qaradh. The Group’s corporate philosophy still reflects the traditional values of these founding fathers. In 2013 we celebrated our 75th anniversary.

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