Vision and Mission

Exceeding Expectations To Deliver Outstanding Value

At the HSA Group, our corporate vision is inspired by the traditional family values of our founders. Informed at all times by a philosophy of trust, integrity and respect for our customers, partners and supporters, we are committed to maximising stakeholder returns, contributing in a beneficial way to society, providing a safe and fulfilling place of work , protecting the environment and leave a long term sustainable legacy.
A respected global company, our mission based on our vision is to provide high quality products and services that always exceed customer expectations. In this context, we strive to do things The HSA Way, conducting operations in a responsible manner - each one of our core businesses working in unison to deliver outstanding solutions to our customers, markets, communities and people.
Building on the successes and shared values of the past, we aim to continue building a respected modern multi-national company – founded on a strong bedrock of core values and traditions –and designed to stand the test of time.

Our Brand Reflects A Legacy of Trust & Tradition

The HSA Group’s yellow and black logo reflects our unique identity and is informed by the proud heritage of our founders. Originating from the hilly terraces of Qaradh Village in Yemen, their business philosophy is rooted in the region’s traditional values – those of trust, respect and authenticity, clarity of vision and the importance of family.
Our logo therefore depicts these core ethics as five golden terraces, sharing this powerful legacy with our modern corporate family.

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