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The HSA Way: Commitment To Our Founders’ Values

The HSA Group is guided by universal humanitarian values – a philosophy that’s rooted in the traditions and principles of our founders.These core values are the reason we’ve been so successful throughout our history, and will serve as the foundation for the Group’s future growth. This is The HSA Way of running a thriving business.
Our goal is to positively impact the lives of our global customer base, worldwide employees and the local communities we work with. We strive to achieve this through responsible corporate governance based on trust, respect, hard work and honesty.
In 2013 we celebrated our Diamond 75thAnniversary. This milestone was an opportunity to learn from our past whilst embracing the future, building on a proud heritage and the values of our founders to help our business flourish on the global stage.

Guiding Values That Inform Our Work

Our values lay out how our people should behave and treat each other. We aspire to:

  • Hire, nurture and retain the most qualified staff
  • Do what we say when we set ourselves goals
  • Work as one team and be responsive to all ideas
  • Work with integrity, honesty, trust and respect
  • Develop a passion for winning and getting results

Core Principles At The Heart Of Our Business

The Group’s key principles articulate the belief we have in our business. We strive to:

  • Constantly and consistently improve our business
  • Advance the welfare of our people and partners
  • Delight our customers and other stakeholders
  • Help the local communities we serve to prosper


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