Message From Group Chairman

A Message From Our Chairman

At the HSA Group, our willingness to serve the local communities we operate in – coupled with an adherence to the early humanitarian values of our founders – are central tenets of our business philosophy that accompany our on-going development and growth.
A modern multi-national geared towards a modern global economy, the Group now operates in more than twenty sectors within the fields of manufacturing, trading, services and strategic investments. Our worldwide reach encompasses the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa – and our goal is to keep expanding to offer more high quality products and services to our global client base.
Our pioneering founders in Aden, Yemen, planted the seeds of this success in 1938. These founders, with their enlightened values, determination and clear business objectives - opened the door for all future growth at the HSA Group.
Their belief that we should invest in local communities to bring about a more prosperous society is the founding principle that underpins our business activities and achievements to this day. These traditional Yemeni values are the secret to our success.

A Clear Strategic Vision, A Strong Global Brand

Inspired by our core values, the Group’s operations are based on a comprehensive strategic vision. This unique vision informs our strong global brand – a name that stands for quality, diversity, growth, competitiveness and innovation - and the continuous pursuit of excellence.
Wherever we work across five global regions, our goal is to promote the sustainable development of society and the communities we serve. As a Group, we work hard to uphold and adhere to our core humanitarian values – advancing social integration, acting as a responsible global citizen and respecting the environment.

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