Group Leadership

Group Leadership & Corporate Governance

Responsible, highly organised corporate governance is essential for a company with the global reach of the HSA Group. In this capacity, Our Supreme Supervisory Board and Board of Directors oversee the Group’s performance, orchestrating strategic activities ensuring our various divisions meet their objectives.
The Group is structured into five geographical regions, each headed by a Member of The Board of Directors who is responsible for achieving development goals.These regional directors allocate and are accountable for profit and loss performance in line with our global business plans.
In a bid to further improve operational efficiency, a new corporate service centre was set up in January 2011 to link our five key regions, unifying our companies under one management strategy.

Focused On Profit & Efficiency

Each management team at the Group’s companies are responsible for consistently developing, implementing and managing their own business plans - focusing on profitability and efficiency. They jointly set these strategies with other teams in their geographical regions, within the HSA Group’s overall strategy.
The Group companies share a set of core values built upon the pioneering philosophy of our founders, which even today drive all our business decisions. Informed by these traditional values, The Group and its companies have set themselves apart with an adherence to business ethics and their commitment to social responsibility.

Corporate Structure


Ali -Mohamed -Saeed

Mr. Ali Mohamed Saeed

Co-Founder and Chairman

Abdullah -Abdo -Saeed

Mr. Abdullah Abdo Saeed



Mohamed -Abdo -Saeed

Mr. Mohamed Abdo Saeed



Abdul -Gabbar -Hayel -Saeed

Mr. Abdul Gabbar Hayel Saeed

Vice Chairman




Abdul -Gabbar -Hayel -Saeed

Mr. Abdul Gabbar Hayel Saeed

Chairman & CEO

  Dirhem -Abdo -Saeed

Mr. Dirhem Abdo Saeed

Member & Regional Director-UK

Ibrahim -Hayel -Saeed

Mr. Ibrahim Hayel Saeed

Member & Regional Director-KSA


  Ahmed -Gazem -Saeed

Mr. Ahmed Gazem Saeed


Mahfouz -Ali -Mohamed -Saeed

Mr. Mahfouz Ali Mohamed Saeed

Member & Regional Director-Egypt

  Fouad -Hayel -Saeed

Mr. Fouad Hayel Saeed

Member & Regional Director-Malaysia

Rashad -Hayel -Saeed

Mr. Rashad Hayel Saeed


  Nabil -Hayel -Saeed

Mr. Nabil Hayel Saeed

Member & Regional Director-Yemen

Muneer -Ahmed -Hayel -Saeed

Mr. Muneer Ahmed Hayel Saeed

Member & CFO

  Shawki -Ahmed -Hayel -Saeed

Mr. Shawki Ahmed Hayel Saeed

Member & COO

Walid -Ali -Mohamed -Saeed

Mr. Walid Ali Mohamed Saeed




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