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Our Yemen Business

A successful multi-national business still rooted in the early values of its founders, the core operations of the HSA Group are characterised by a legacy of humility, hard work, competitiveness and total respect for our customers, partners and people.
The HSA Group’s core values are enshrined in our corporate code of conduct. This establishes our responsibilities and an on-going commitment to business integrity. The framework informs the operation of our core business in Yemen – and also inspires our corporate activities on a regional and global scale.

A Prominent Force In The Yemeni Economy

From Taiz, the business has grown to become the most prominent and diversified private group of companies in the whole of Yemen. In terms of investment value, market position, logistics infrastructure and technological innovation, we have become a local and regional powerhouse, committed to responsible global expansion.
The HSA Group currently employs over 20,000 people directly, and support thousands more suppliers, contractors and distributors through our local operations – totalling 35,000 employees across five geographic regions.
Operating an impressive portfolio of leading major brands, the Group’s major business sectors include manufacturing, trading and financial services, as well as oil and gas exploration, print and packaging, agriculture, fisheries, real estate and mineral mining.

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