Global Business

To complement our core business activities in Yemen, the HSA Group operates across five global regions as a respected, highly successful international manufacturing firm and trading company.

Focused on both food and beverages and non-food products, we leverage the wide reach of our extensive logistics infrastructure to manufacture and distribute our own and partner products across the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia.

With an emphasis always on creating high quality products and living up to the ethical business values of our founding fathers, we serve our global markets as we serve those at home in Yemen – with total respect, transparency and responsibility. This philosophy engenders trust in our worldwide partners, markets, employees and customers, and ensures we make a positive contribution to the communities we operate in.

An Internationally Renowned Brand

The Group is also committed to being a responsible global citizen, and as such all our manufacturing facilities meet recognised ISO Standards, while our distribution networks and logistics warehousing is designed and run to make the minimum impact on the environment.

A thoroughly modern business serving a wide range of international markets, we’re proud of being able to export our traditional Yemeni family values and humanitarian philosophy all over the globe. This ensures the HSA Group brand is known the world over for its caring values, excellent products and services and competitive edge.

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