Printing & Packaging

Our Core Business: Printing & Packaging

The printing and packaging sector is a significant growth area for the HSA Group. We have significant investments in this line of business, including manufacturing companies that produce corrugated cartons, polypropylene bags, printed board packaging, tinplate printing and flexible film packaging.
Deploying state of the art technology in world-class industrial facilities, the Group provides cost-effective printing and packaging services for a host of multi-national and local businesses – and is a preferred supplier in this sector across the Middle East. With this as a foundation, our goal is to expand this business regionally and globally.
In total, this dynamic sector currently accounts for over 10% of the Group’s manufacturing activity. We have four production facilities in the UK, four in Saudi Arabia, two in Yemen and one in Egypt.

Investing In The Future

Continually upgrading our systems and services to meet customer requirements, the Group aims for a level of trust in this sector that’s unrivalled within the industry. We also invest heavily in our people, with highly educated professionals in our management team and fully trained, skilled practitioners in our technical staff.
The Group’s production facilities are also notable for our investment in high specification computer aided printing and packaging technologies, which set us apart as a forward thinking and extremely competitive player in this lucrative sector.

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