Our Core Business: FMCG

Our FMCG business has been at the forefront of the HSA Group’s operations since our founders opened the very first retail shop in Aden in 1938. Fast-forward to the present day and our FMCG interests still represent our largest business sector, and are one of our primary growth areas for the future.
We currently export to over 80 countries and enjoy the leading market share for many of our brands and products.
With such standing amongst our home, regional and international FMCG markets, it’s no surprise that the HSA Group name has come to represent quality, trust and integrity for the customers and consumers we serve globally.

Market Leading Brands

Our largest business sector, the Group’s main FMCG focus is in:

  • Edible oils & fats
  • Dairy products
  • Biscuits, confectionery and snack foods
  • Canned and packaged foods
  • Rice production
  • Home & personal care products

Oils and fats represent about 34% of our FMCG business, while dairy products account for 20% of revenues. Biscuits, confectionary & snacks combined are 11% of the total – with these three combined making up two thirds of our FMCG business.

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