Our Core Business: Commodities

At the HSA Group, our global commodities business is focused on two main lines:

  • Palm oil and related edible oil products
  • Other commodity related products including wheat, sugar and corn

Palm Oil & Edible Oil

Centred on our Far East business sector, the HSA Group has expanded to become a major global supplier of refined palm oil and edible oil products. For example, in Malaysia we operate one of the largest edible oil refineries in the region.
On an annual basis, the Group trades in over two million tons of palm oil and related derivatives, and to complement our Malaysian interests we have recently acquired 160,000 acres of Indonesian land to be used for sustainable palm oil cultivation.
In the overall context of our commodities business, these operations play a leading role in supporting other downstream activities. From crude oil procurement, R&D and refining, down the line to the distribution and sale of consumer goods – these seamlessly integrated manufacturing systems are a large part of our success in this field.

Other Commodities

The HSA Group’s commodity business also focuses on agricultural softs and related output, such as wheat, corn, rice, sugar and dairy products. We employ highly skilled people to manage sourcing and monitor standards, to ensure we always release quality products to the global market.
As with our palm oil and edible oil operations, the continued integration of upstream and downstream facilities is a crucial growth driver in this sector. For example, our flourmills provide raw materials for the manufacturing of biscuits in the FMCG business.

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